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Jeanne Liotta /Projected Light: Installation and Event 
CU Boulder Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts

               Sshadow to Sshadow       
Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC, March 16, 2023                   

                 Cut Frames, Captured Pixels
                          Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University
                                              Jan 12- Mar 18 2023
Sweet Dreams (2009)

An OPTIPUS performance
Light Industry, Bklyn NY--Dec 21 2022 at Midnight

Film Studies Center, Univ. of Chicago
Friday, November 11, 2022
in conjunction with Monochrome Multitudes at the Smart Museum of Art

16mm film can for Loretta (2003) Jeanne Liotta

                          Graphic Film Score: 
Instructions for Performers and Instruments of Light and Sound 
Composer: Luis Macias.
Interpreted and performed by expanded cinema collective OPTIPUS.
 Monday April 4, 2022, Microscope Gallery, NY

Optitpus, in action!

Feminism and The Legacy of Surrealism
Thomas Erben Gallery, 526 W. 26th st, NY NY
Jan 13-Feb 19, 2022
 Betsy Damon, Brenda Goodman, June Leaf, Jeanne Liotta, Caitlin Keogh, Anne Minich,
 Elizabeth Murray and Elaine Stocki

in situ: Loretta, (2003, 16mm film transferred to HD, 4 min, sound)

The World is a Picture of The World
Sept 9-Oct 16 2021
Microscope Gallery 525 W. 29th st, NY NY

My Mind of Universes Erupting Continuously (2021) 
in situ: 80 handmade 35mm slides in carousel loop projection 

Arteidolia review by Franziska Lamprecht, October 2021

studio documenation of individual hand worked slides
My Mind of Universes Erupting Continuously (2021)

She Was a Visitor (2021) 
single 35mm slide projection onto graphite rubbing on paper, 29 x 36 x 1 in.

MapMap (2021)
2 views: single slide projection onto graphite rubbing on paper

Nocturnal (2021)
empty slide projected onto graphite rubbing on indigo paper 

in situ:  Nocturnal in foreground, Proceed, Radiations on far wall.

Proceed, Radiations (2021)
set of (8) unique photograms (11 x 14 ) with colored gel collage
(yellow 90, night blue, middle rose)

Wrenched Into Luminous Existence
 The Armory Show, Jacob Javits Center, Sept 7-9 2022

Wrenched Into Luminous Existence (Sol) and (Triangulum), 2021
Lightbox constructions, Duratrans and colored gel collage inserts (24 x 30), series of 6

Flowers Always and Always 
Live projection performance with 35mm library slides of paintings by Claude Monet,
16mm film loop, invented lenses, gestures, objects and shadowplay. 
Live audio soundscape by Eric Baus. 
Denver Art Museum 
UNTITLED: Creative Fusions, JAN 31, 2020 

Taking on Impressionism by the most primitive means : ye olde light on water.

Path of Totality 
live projection performance with handmade 16mm film loops, invented lenses, objects, 
and sound, 30 min. (2017)
Scrapbook, or Why Can't We Live Together?
Microscope Gallery, Bklyn NY
Aug 21, 2019

photo courtesy Microscope Gallery, NY 2019 

Crossroads Festival/SF Cinematheque
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
June 2019

 Jeanne Liotta: Past, Present, Live 
 at The Ruby Theatre, Duke University,  February 2019
clip HERE

featured in
 La Vigna di San Martino, Napoli 
Summer Solstice/June 21, 2018 


 Georgia Art Space Denver CO, Sept 21 2017
featuring live music from the band of poets :Eric Baus, Oren Silverman and Phil Cordelli 

Real Life: An Installation
a web project designed by Phuong T. Vuong and Julie Carr
to accompany Carr's book Real Life: An Installation, (Omnidawn Books, 2018)

(installation #44) gif, 2018
"...the filmed history of The Sun from birth to death on loop" JC

In this Immense Space 
Hidden Things Appear Before Us 
multiple screen augmented reality video installation, local live feed projections, dimensions var. (2018)

solo exhibition 
 Microscope Gallery 
1329 Willoughby Avenue, Bklyn NY 
Jan 19-Mar 4, 2018
.I press the air under my wings and fly. / Why should glass or crystal detain me / When I break the sky and ride infinity –
 Giordano Bruno 

below: details of each screen

 The Bruno Studies 
series of 12 watercolor/gouache drawings on paper (8.5 x 11) 

Break The Sky
Capriata Museo Nitsch, Naples Italy
June 22- July 6, 2018

Naples edition: 
In This Immense Space Hidden Things Appear Before Us

(detail) Articuli (l)unique silver photogram (11 x 14 in.) from a series of 10 

Spazio (2018) 
HD video loop, 6:25, with music by Lea Bertucci

Subverted Horseplay
live projector performance by Bradley Eros and Jeanne Liotta with 16mm film, 
external lenses and text from Leslie Marmon Silko. 
Originally created in 1995 and resurrected for
Dreamlands: Expanded, The Whitney Museum of American Art
Jan 2017

Mistaken identities converge and separate again in the harsh burn of optical truths. Images revolt and stand on their heads. The story of photography told as a Western.

The Tiffany One-Cuts
 Series of 'one-cut' newspaper collages excised as one piece from the New York Times
8.5 x 11 inches.  (2013- 2017 )
solo exhibition
    January 8- February 14 2016 
curated by Charles Goldman
 "The Tiffany One-Cuts are Liotta's third series of collage works that stem directly from her daily movements through the New York Times. These simple "one-cut" framings of opposites and the frictions between them point to the inherent tensions found within the relationship between documented, the documenter and their audience. Liotta's explorations, on paper and in celluloid, concerns the politics of the cut. ... A simple edit, such as he one Liotta performs with the One-Cuts, is simultaneously aesthetic, narrative and political."  -Charles Goldman


(a (a catalog of selected works is available)

 Tiffany One-Cuts included in artist Nancy Shaver's collaborative installation for
One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art 
MOCA, Los Angeles CA  , Oct 2018 -March 2019

(wall detail)

and included in artist Nancy Shaver's installation for 
La Biennale di Venezia 2017
+see my video portrait of Nancy Shaver Studio made for Venice Biennale HERE

& also included in Dress The Form, Nancy Shaver
at Derek Eller Gallery 300 Broome St, NY
June 26- Aug 19, 2016

Diagram Squared
video installation for 2 film loops and 2 digital prints, silent (2013)
CU Art Museum Faculty Exhibition
University of Colorado Boulder 
Sept 10-Dec 15,  2017
curated by Sandra Firmin and Hope Laska

SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco CA
February 18-March 28, 2016

Disjecta Gallery
courtesy PDX Festival
Portland Oregon, May 2014

Microscope Gallery, Bklyn NY 
premiere group exhibition with analog iteration/16mm film loopers
March 24-April 15, 2013

Climate Fictions
Four speculative world pictures of a planet in some possible near future of carbon footprints and post human acceleration  HD, RT 3:40 min.

at the refurbished Frontier Drive-In in, Center CO
an Earth Day celebration of films about the environment 
April, 2022

 Tempr (l-lV) 2014/15
 A set of sumi ink drawings made onto transparency for projection and performance. 
Unique, dimensions variable. 
The practice of forming the enso with a single brushstroke is zen. From heavenly body to existential void to our finite and beleagured planet here at the brink of the Anthropocene.

Tempr l 
Dateline Gallery:001,  Denver CO,   May 2014

Concept Studios
, Denver CO  October 2016

 performance with Tempr I, 
rice paper, live bamboo, shadow, smoke & matchaLive sound by GenKen Montgomery
 MOMA/PS1, Jan 6 2015

Tempr ll
Microscope Gallery, Bklyn NY,  Sept 5-Oct 6, 2014

Ironton Gallery, Denver CO, March 2016

TEA  performance with Tempr lll, 
rice paper, live bamboo, shadow, smoke & matcha. Live sound by Laetitia Sonami
Somarts Cultural Center, SF CA 
Feb 18, 2016

Skytool for Galileo
(2008) cast resin, feather, ed. 5
 The Electronic Gallery: Salisbury University Maryland 
August 24 – October 31, 2015

curated by Kim Knowles, featuring Eclipse (2005) 16mm film
at The John Wesley Chapel, Bristol UK, 
Halloween 2015

Dark Enough
HD video, 7 min, sound (2011)
The Houston Arts Festival:  CINESPACE 
She Works Flexible Gallery, Houston TX
November 13-December  5, 2015

Halle fur Kunst und Medien, Graz Austria
March 15- May 18 2014

Soon it Would be Too Hot 
 Science on a Sphere™ 360 degree media platform
HD media, 5.5 min, sound by Zach Layton
 Fiske Planetarium, Boulder Colorado, April 2014

 In framing NOAA’s hard facts by J.G. Ballard’s scenario in The Drowned World, Liotta suggests that wrapping one’s head around climate change requires visionary speculation as much as scientific observation."Max Goldberg, SFAQ Magazine 2014

Stein Times (2013) 
Sumi ink text on newspaper
Gridspace Gallery, Bklyn NY,  Summer 2013   
Altering a poem by Gertrude Stein onto current pages of the New York Times, Jeanne Liotta occupied the grid for 10 weeks, changing the stanza weekly, thus recreating a poem that spans time in a number of different directions.

(Catalog available, otherwise ephemeral)

Affect Theory 
a live projection event for two 16mm film projections in planet and satellite positions, and sound.
Silent Barn, Bklyn NY June 2013
Microscope Gallery,  Bklyn NY  August 2013
Crossroads Festival/SF Cinematheque June 2014

Counterintuitive Proposition for a Black Hole 
16mm film installation with sound, magnifying glass, text and slide projection (2012)
Art/Night Austin, Austin Texas 
February 2012

see video documentation here

The Science Times One- Cuts
newsprint, pencil, paper,  (2001-2008)
 Series of 'one-cut' newspaper collages excised from the Science Times section 
of the New York Times . Catalog available. 

The Bridge Progressive Arts Space
Charlottesville VA  June, 2008
pictured: The Science Times series, selected 
16mm set up for two projector performance, One Day This May No Longer Exist (2005)
video loop projection for What We As Humans Trying Fallibly Forever (2005)

Continental Drift
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver (July-Sept 2012)
The Aspen Art Museum , Aspen Colorado (Oct-Nov 2012)

The Darkling Plain (I-IV)
Four pinhole/photogram constructions, unique silver prints (8 x 10) (2006)

Continental Drift
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, (July-Sept 2012)
The Aspen Art Museum , Aspen Colorado (Oct-Nov 2012)

Baxter St @Camera Club of New York 
January-March 2012
"55 Angels" , Celestial catalog essay by curator Mark Alice Durant 

Darkling Plain l, b&w pinhole and photogram collage, unique, 8x10 (2006)

Void of Course
photo series , multiple dimensions (2000-2009)
permanent installation James Hotel, NY, 2010

My Gothly Girlhood 
VHS installation
No Soul for Sale: a festival of independents
for Migrating Forms at  
X- Initiative Gallery Space, Chelsea New York
Summer 2009
video, silent (2008)
The Soul is the Size of Elsewhere: Brooklyn and Development
Kingsborough Community College 
 The Dreamland Pavilion Conference Bklyn NY October 2009
photo courtesy: Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery and Reading Room